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Ship On Sale - Container Carrier DWT 7,400

Cantainer Carrier of DWT 7,400 for sale



BUILT - 1994. 08. 01
LOA - 120.57M
LBP - 111.73M
BREADTH - 19.60M
English: Gaschem Jümme, semi-refrigerated LPG ...
Gaschem Jümme, semi-refrigerated LPG / Ammonia / VCM- Carrier. Gross tonnage: 4,822 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
DEPTH - 8.30M
M/ENGINE - MAK 9M453C 3300KW 600RPM
G/ENGINE - MAN D2842LE?2.375KW.1500RPM
    NO.1 TK BREADTH : 8.10M (F) / 15.20M(A) * LENGTH : 13.47M
    NO.2 TK BREADTH : 15.20M (F) / 15.20M(A) * LENGTH : 40.04M
    NO.3 TK BREADTH : 15.20M (F) / 15.20M(A) * LENGTH : 26.45M
    F.O : 591.24TONS - 10TKS (6 STORAGE TK)
    D.O : 119.4TONS - 3 TKS (1 STORAGE TK)
    F.W : 167.7TONS - 2 TKS
    B.W : 3086.3TONS - 2 7TKS

PRICE : USD 1.8 million



Bank Guarantee | Transfer and Discounting

Funding, BG discounting, SBLC, loan againt bank guarnatee, BG,

Bank Guarantee Transferring and getting funds.

Bank Guarantees are itself a payment security which is backed by a certain bank. Most of the time people can be seen buying and selling bank guarantees online. Do you think its possible or its a true business to trade in Bank Guarantees ?

As informed, bank guarantees cant be sold or purchased, its a payment instrument issued for a particular business and backed by purchase order or contract.

Most of the agents seems promising certain clients that they can get bank guarantees to enhance their limits for a certain time period. But never seen any client who either has accepted that they got such commitments fulfilled by any agent.

Comments are invited for more clarification.

BOE and Promissory Note

Bill Of Exchange and Promissory Notes
Complete details available with comparison factors. Read for more details and all information mentioned below.


English: Bank and Royal Exchange c1974. View o...
Bank and Royal Exchange c1974. View of Royal Exchange about 1974. Note NatWest Tower under construction in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A bill  of exchange differs from a promissory note on the following points:
PromissoryNoteBill of Exchange
  • It is promise to pay
  • It is an order to pay
  • There are only two parties the drawer, and the payee.
  • There are three parties, the drawer, the drawee, and the payee.
  • There is no necessity of acceptance
  • It must be accepted
  • The maker is primarily liable
  • The drawer is not primarily liable.
  • It is never drawn in sets
  • Foreign bills are specially drawn in sets.
  • Protesting is not necessary after dishonour
  • A foreignbill must be protested upon dishonor.

Read more at  Account Management


Letter of Credit | Review on Discounting

discount, pre shipment, capital
LC / Bill Discounting Review

In other words the LC receiver ( Letter of Credit receiver / exporter) is looking for working capital to procure the ordered material and ship it out in time.
Most of the LC receivers always turn towards the financiers who ask then for high returns on the investment and finance provided. In the worse case they fall pray to fake funding personals or chain of brokers who waste their time and results in loosing the contract as well as money.

Best way is, always first approach to your bankers. The banks will certainly help you with capital provided for procuring the material against the orders and Letter of credit received, subjected you qualify their terms and condition.

You can appoint good consultants having proper knowledge for pre shipment finance or pre shipment bill or LC discounting. These consultants do their job in well manner position and with in time frame making the entire episode attractive and interesting.

Letter of Credit Discounting
Date published: 11/06/2015

Easy Money Making Tips | Proved

How to Make Easy Money Online

how to make easy money online
Easy Money makers

Published by:

Today every one is interested in making easy money. The Internet is loaded with tons of tips and information for easy making money either on-line or by doing jobs / works or business orders. But most of the people fails as the main key is 'patience' which each and every one wants lacks. Making easy money tips only works with those who can wait till their tried tips start working.

I myself have utilized most of the on-line tips and proud to be among those who makes money on-line. Still lots of my colleagues and even my known don’t believe that I am this much easily make money just sitting in front on computer and talking on phone.

When I first time was introduced to Internet by one on my colleague who helped in getting a part time job in a office, I was surprised to see the potential of the Internet if clubbed with a computer and the outcome is marvelous. From that day onward I started for searching for most of the tips on-line which can help me to make money on-line.

Today am ninety nine percent Internet and my phone helps me making easy money and live a life full of confidence. Yes its true just by spending few hours on-line you can surely make lots of money. But some cheap minded people started selling this tips even providing complete knowledge and informing the actual time required when the tips will start working. The reason is simple that if you inform some one that the easy money making tips only can work after, say about 90 days or a year, then no one will buy their product.

In my case it took enough time to firstly learn what it is and then implement and make easy money on-line.

Usance LC | Discounting Facility

Usance LC Discounting facility

Usance Letter of Credit  [Usance LC] and possibilities for Discounting

Letter of credit is the most common method of payment in business and into commonly practice by seller and buyers.

Most of the Buyers are interested in opening USANCE LETTER OF CREDIT (Usance LC). Let’s first understand the Usance Letter of Credit.

Letter of Credit Discounting

USANCE LETTER OF CREDIT which is also known as Usance LC in short is letter of credit issued by purchaser or buyer to the seller or supplier who will get the draft for say 180 days sight, but after negotiating with bankers can get the money at sight. On the other hand the purchaser / Buyer or importer who had opened the Usance LC will pay his bankers after 180 days.

If simple ordinary language, the Usance LC receiver can negotiate and discount the Usance LC against the negotiable documents like invoices / BL / quality of certificate as mentioned in the contract under the clause ‘Documents required for Payment’. The Usance LC receiver’s bank will, after getting the confirmation from the Usance LC issuing bank will release the payment to the Usance LC receiver and thus the Usance LC receiver will get the payment at sight; off course the payment will attract interest as per the banks standard terms.

The terms “Usance” means the tenor for which the Letter of Credit is issued and the Bill of Exchange to be drawn by the beneficiary on and duly accepted by the name drawee. The payment will be made at sight when the Usance LC clearly indicates that the Usance bills drawn are to be negotiated at sight.

The Usance LC with above terms can be discounted and the exporter / supplier / seller can get the payment at sight.

SBLC | Funding and Loan against Stand By Letter of Credits

SBLC, stand by letter of credit, Letter of credit, Discounting SBLC, loan against SBLC,

Funds against Stand By Letter Of Credit | SBLC

Loan and finance available against Stand by Letter of Credit for working and pre shipment

Funds can be generated by beneficiary against Stand By Letter of credit. These funds can be availed from advising banks or third party, to utilize for pre-shipment procedure. Most of the beneficiary always requires funds to complete the contract against which the SBLC is issued to them. For this, borrower can contact their banks or private finance institute and get their loan sanctioned against the SBLC. The Stand by letter of credit should be issued through proper channel. Financial institutes and banks are interested in clean SBLC with proper documentation, and helps the beneficiary or the borrower.

SBLC issued from prime banks are most honoured and borrower get funding easily.Due Diligence is always required for raising funds against SBLC

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