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Mutual Funds | Disappointment Yes or No

Few would dispute that the year 2008 has been tough on investors. This holds especially true for first-time investors i.e. the ones whose tryst with equity markets only began in the last few years. After having seen the markets surge to record highs, the downturn has certainly caught several investors off-guard.

And the despondency is not restricted only to those who have participated in equity markets via the direct equity investment route. Even investors in equity mutual funds have borne the brunt of falling markets. As a result, several investors are in panic mode. Some are even contemplating redeeming all their mutual fund investments and instead making investments in risk-free avenues like fixed deposits and bonds.

But is that the right course of action? We don’t think so. To begin with, investors must conduct an honest appraisal of their risk profile and investment horizon. Also, they must candidly answer the question – why did I get invested in a given mutual fund?
If an investor truly believes that he can take on higher risk and is willing to stay invested for the long-haul (at least 3-5 years), then we believe there is no reason to panic. In fact, given the attractive valuations, investors should consider adding to their investment portfolios. As regards, the reasons for getting invested – if it was to achieve a predetermined investment objective, then it’s all the more reason to stay the course.

Conversely, if the answers are on the lines of ‘have a low risk appetite’, ‘wanted to make a quick buck’ or ‘to ride the rising markets for the short-term’, there is a cause for concern. Such investors got invested in avenues that were wrong for them or made investments for the wrong reasons. In either case, they would do well to work out an exit strategy in consultation with their investment advisors.
As for investors who have the requisite risk-taking ability, investment horizon and clearly defined objectives backed by investment plans, it’s a good time to evaluate if they are invested in the right avenues i.e. in this case, the right mutual funds. Even the best of plans will not deliver if poorly-managed funds are deployed to achieve them. However the evaluation process needs to be a proper one.

To begin with, investors would do well to understand the fund’s nature and investment style, before evaluating its performance. For example, an aggressively-managed equity fund that professes to take stock and sector bets should be expected to deliver above-average results in rising markets. On the other hand, when markets move southwards, such a fund is likely to be worse hit as well. This is keeping in line with the fund’s high risk – high return investment proposition. Comparing the fund’s performance on the downturn with that of a conservatively-managed equity fund would be unfair, akin to comparing apples with oranges.
Similarly, understanding the fund’s investment universe is vital as well. For instance, a professed mid cap fund would be predominantly invested in stocks from the mid cap segment. Expecting it to feature among the top performers at a time when large caps are rallying would be unfair.

Another common mistake is considering funds in isolation. Any advisor worth his salt will emphasise on the importance of diversification. Hence the norm is existence of investment portfolios, instead of investments in single funds in a standalone manner. The key to a well-constructed portfolio is that the downturn in an investment avenue can be offset by an upturn in another. Similarly in a mutual fund portfolio, the presence of diverse investment propositions and styles should help the investor’s cause. Broadly speaking, so long as the investment portfolio is on course to accomplish the predetermined investment objectives, investors should be fine.

Clearly conducting an appropriate evaluation is easier said than done. Hence investors would do well to engage the services of their investment advisors for the evaluation exercise. The next step is to take corrective measures.
Now depending on the specifics of each case, it could vary right from altering the allocations to various funds, exiting some funds and investing in new ones to doing nothing. Surprised? Don’t be. It’s possible that investors are already invested in funds that are right for them and in the right allocation as well. And it is not uncommon even for the best of funds to hit a rough patch. If no material changes have occurred in a fund’s investment proposition and its ability to deliver over the long-term is undiminished, keeping the faith and staying put wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The importance of the evaluation exercise, especially in testing times cannot be overstated. From an investor’s perspective, the key lies in striking a balance between pressing the panic buttons and being complacent. Also, engaging the services of a competent investment advisor is vital.

Self Funding Internet Business

SEO is the short form of, 'search engine optimisation,'. Search engine optimisation, as you might well be able to guess from its name, it's all about optimising your website for the purpose of making it rank better within the search engines. But the question is, why do businesses in particular even bother with it?

Anyone who has looked into SEO has probably heard the term 'spiders,' or 'crawlers,' which are essentially the bots that search engines send to scour the web. The information these bots retrieve makes up the search results within the search engines. By carrying out on page optimisation on your website, you make changes that assist these bots to know exactly what your website is relevant for.

We love the Internet. Over recent years the number of people using it to make purchases or enquire about potential purchases has risen rapidly. We can buy anything online from car insurance, to food and clothing!

In fact, in 2009 just in the UK, consumers amassed a total online shopping spend of 38 billion, predicted by Forrester Research to rise to 56 billion by 2014. That's a huge online spend, especially when you consider the fact that the UK was in the grip of a recession from which it did not officially emerge until the end of the year.

More and more businesses are switching on to the fact that simply having a website is really not enough unless people can actually find it. And as Internet users globally have something of a love affair with Google and the other major search engines, ranking well within them is a key way of generating website traffic from consumers searching for your products and services.

Onion Stocking handling and supplies

Gills Onions! - All Products are available year-round from Oxnard, CA and can crossdock in Salinas, Los Angeles or Yuma, AZ.

Vidalia Onion Recipes
OH, Those sweet Georgia Vidalia Onions! We Georgians take great pride in this great Southern heritage. The Vidalia Onion is now World known. Vidalia Onions are mild and sweet enough to eat like fruit. The sugar content of this onion is comparable to that of an apple, or a bottle of cola. This sweet mild onion can be eaten with a variety of dishes or eaten raw.
Department of Agricultural Economics, NDSU - By value, onions rank in the top 10 vegetables produced in the United States. They are believed to be indigenous to Asia and have been cultivated in this country since 1629. Flexibility of the onion in the American diet is the main reason it is used so extensively in the United States.

Bland Farms
More than 50 years ago, eighteen year old Raymond Bland started out with a love for the land and 50 acres of farm land. Today, three generations of the Bland Family operate the world’s largest Vidalia Onion Farm. Every acre of our gourmet onions......
ANEMIA CAUSED BY ONIONS - As a veterinarian, I have known for many years that onions, whether fresh, cooked or dehydrated, can cause anemia in pets. I remember reading a case report years ago concerning a small dog that ate a good portion of a bag of fresh, whole onions one day while his owner was at work, and the dog was near death when discovered by his frantic owner.

Irrigating Onions - Growing an irrigationd crop of onions is a very involved process. This is because the onion is a shallow rooted biennial that depends on daylength and temperature for the development of the marketable product—the bulb. The onion growing season starts in April and continues through early September. The plant establishes roots at the rate of five per week from germination until mid-July when a peak number of 50 to 55 roots are present.
Selecting, Storing and Serving Ohio Onions
Onions are a strong-flavored vegetable used in a variety of ways. French-fried onion rings and French Onion Soup are favorites. Onions are used as a popular seasoning in salads, soups, casseroles, main dishes, sauces and relishes. 

Vidalia Onion Brothers
....We're glad you're here! If you're like us, you love onions! ...  From salads & sandwiches to burgers & BBQ, when it comes to Vidalia Onions, we don't mess around.  We have taken our delicious ......

Drop Shipping Services

Dropshipping is one of the most risk free way to sell items on the internet and other mail order retail outlets. You advertise a product on your own internet store, mall or auction site like ebay. A customer sees it and buys the item. You turn around and go to a drop shipper like and order the item, at a cost significantly lower than you just sold it. You provide idropshipper with your customers address and Idropshipper ships the product to your customer without any indication where the product came from.
You only buy what you have already sold. Once you have sold a product you forward your orders directly to us via your very own members accounts and we ship the product directly to your buyer. You make the money on the difference between your selling price and your actual cost for the product.
With dropshipping you have no inventory, no packaging, no trips to the Post Office, and no paperwork! Why pay to have a product shipped to yourself to only have to turn and around and repackage it to ship to your customer and pay double shipping charges, it just doesn't make sense.
A lot of people are doing this on a daily basis and with variety of products that we provide our members.
WHOLESALE: You may also purchase our product at wholesale prices and sell directly through your own store to the public.We offer extra discounts for whole sale purchases.

Drop Shipping

  • Unlike other so called drop shippers, we are not your competitors, we are your partner. We make sales, when you make sales.
  • Our Prices. We understand that the more competive advantage you have over other sellers, the more we will sell. The more you sell, the more we sell. So it is no suprise that we sell it to you less than any other drop shipper.Take a look at our product page and compare with others, and you will understand.
  • No Minimum Others. You may buy wholesale or you may buy single item. Either way, we will ship it for you to your customers.
  • Your Customers are your customers. Your customers do not know anything about us. We ship your products withour any information that will identify us. And your customers will contact you, not us.

Home Business Funding

Why Should I Consider Home Business Funding?
Our founding principles are based on the highest ethics and integrity. We do not believe it can be morally justified to give you half truths, sugar coated words or delude you with false promises of wealth simply to get you to join our program. This does not build trust or a lasting business relationship.
home business steady How Does Home Business Funding Work?
You join our 'really friendly" and dynamic Team and, if needed, we personally coach you from there on. We ask for 10 hours a week from you to help promote Home Business Funding using our free advertising system which we explain to you in great detail. You are NEVER left out in the cold!
All new members are automatically and fairly spilled over to build every member's downline in turn. As you gain new members and start earning bonuses and commissions you join our selected programs. As you build your home business, with the help of the Team, you will start earning residual income from multiple income streams.

Automatic Full Time Income

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Who Else Wants To Quit Their Job To Start A Push-Button Automatic, Up-Front Cash Generating, Self-Funding Internet Business Based On Your Knowledge, Interests, Hobbies And Passions And Be Able To Earn A Full-time Income In the Process Regardless If Anyone Buys Your Product Or Service ?

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With my new, easy-to-follow DVD Course, I show YOU, step by step how to create your own Automatic Up-Front Cash Generating Self-Funding Internet Business…I let you look over my shoulder as I create a real product from start to finish which you can easily duplicate based on any industry or market  you desire…I then show you how to market that product in a way where you will get paid up-front and automatically…
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Home Business

Frustrated Trying To Build Your Online Home Business?
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