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Today in the fast track life, every business and individual require extra financial support to match with the time and develop itself. Many banks and non banking financial corporations are coming forward to support professional like salaried people as well as businesses to develop themselves.

The limit of loan depends upon you CIBIL Rating. With good records and complete required documents, one can expect that the dream is going to be reality. First we will talk about business loan which is easy and very straight forward with banks and non banking corporations. To get oneself approved with required loan there are lot many points to be kept in mind before approaching then.

First, check for the required documents they are asking. Most of the banks have all these details available online for loan application. The other option is you can call there customer care and ask them the required documents list. Try to get maximum documents lined up as per the required document list like personal details and past performance records.

Other major documents the bank may can ask is collateral, means security for the loan, we will discus it later how to arrange the Collateral security. The other main document is your knowledge and past experience in the business for which you applied for the loan. Either of one should be available with you in order to negotiate for the other document. Like in case you have collateral security then we can negotiate with bank for past experience like informing them that we are going to hire the best experienced officers to work with us. In other case if you have a good record experience, then we can try to arrange third party collateral security which loan provider / lender may can easily accept.

There also so many companies and banks which are ready to lend you money with out any collateral security. For that also some of the norms have to be followed. The main is your online identity which can be easily traceable and stable online. Mostly banks check CIBIL ratings and you taxation as proof of your stability.

So yes there is a huge chance that you can get the required loan subjected you knock the doors of the correct financier either they are banker, non banker or private financiers.
In India, City of Mumbai has the highest number of Angel Investors who are ready to lend you even if you are purity a fresh start up.

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Mutual Funds | Right time to invest

Mutual Funds in India, Right Mutual Fund, Best Performing Mutual Fund
Mutual Investment

investing in Mutual Funds will all remain the first priority which every fund manager or financial consultant will advice you. Investing wisely in Mutual funds will always provide better returns. I myself invested in various mutual funds and almost received returns of more than 15%.

Mutual funds are managed by highly qualified and experienced professional fund managers and is these managers work for Asset Management Companies. Your money is handled by these Asset Management Companies (AMC) and the money is invested in various bonds and funds along with government bonds and money market.

Its always a right time to invest in Mutual Funds. There is no specific age limit but yes it requires patience and if one waits for certain time period, he / she really will reap the benefit. So you can prepare a target regarding a certain amount of funds required after a certain period. For example, if you require 1 Cr or say US$ 1 million after 10years then how much you need to invest from today every month to achieve the target.

There are various mutual funds available in market and one can choose as per their requirements that in which mutual fund they want to invest.

The main are listed below

1) Equity

2) Debt

3) Money market

4) Hybrid Funds

Beside this, all mutual funds are categorized into Open Ended ( any time you can withdraw) and Closed Ended (fix maturity value).
Those who have interested and want more information can read our blogs or may directly ask questions in the comment box.
We also provide consultancy services for choosing and investing in perfect Mutual Funds matching your needs, for example, whether you are planing for retirement, child eduction, repayments, etc. The returns are totally depend on market.

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Source of Income and Internet

There are various sources through which one can easily earn while enjoying their holidays. There is very less efforts required if one act smartly. I don’t mean to say that by overnight you can easily achive, rather I mean to say that you have to work hard in starting to establish the cycle of getting regular online income or say a passive income.

First, you have to locate the source from where you expect that you can earn like writing about college notes or about your travelling experience to certain destination. The pro and cons of taking medical attendance etc and etc.

Easily you learn from online available books like this one

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This book is a excellent tutorial and inform your about sources from where you can earn a handsome passive income. Provides complete step by step frame work to use the source to earn passive or online income.

There are other books too which are available online and can help you to refresh your mind to think differently and developing new ideas that how you can get the regular income online. These books are also available on amazon and the you can buy them just by one click on the below pictures which will take you to amazon site on new window .




So guys, best of luck from my site, even after going through these books, in any case you are not getting what you want, do contact us by commenting in the comment box below.

Earn Passive Income by Investing in India

Passive Income Book

Today India is developing with firm and sure base. The government is stable and the huge democratic country of the world is fully supported by every Indian and the Politicians.

This is the best time and better than investing in India then Investing in China. The reasin are various, right from international conflicts to domestic problems in China. Whereas, India is always ready to settle any international issues and have fair trade relations with all countries around the globe.

As per me the best investment business in India is bonds of Infrastructure companies. At present the Ministry of Surface Transport in India is developing huge network of Roads and bridges, For these tenders even foreign companies are bidding and developing the road links throughout India.

Also to be noted investment in these Government Infrastructure (Infra) bonds are also tax free. Some banks in India may can charge entry or exit charges, but rest all are free of tax and these infra bonds mature with in 10-15 years.

For more details do contact us, we will inform you about how to invest, who can invest, cap / lock-in period, interest rates, taxation extra. As a rough idea, interest rates is 8-9% for 10 years government bonds and INR 1,00,000 is limit under section 80C.This may be subjected to change without any notice. Provided data is for estimation purpose only.

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Business Funding and Loans

Financiers available for suitable business in India
Private Finance & Business Loans

Ship On Sale - Container Carrier DWT 7,400

Cantainer Carrier of DWT 7,400 for sale



BUILT - 1994. 08. 01
LOA - 120.57M
LBP - 111.73M
BREADTH - 19.60M
English: Gaschem Jümme, semi-refrigerated LPG ...
Gaschem Jümme, semi-refrigerated LPG / Ammonia / VCM- Carrier. Gross tonnage: 4,822 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
DEPTH - 8.30M
M/ENGINE - MAK 9M453C 3300KW 600RPM
G/ENGINE - MAN D2842LE?2.375KW.1500RPM
    NO.1 TK BREADTH : 8.10M (F) / 15.20M(A) * LENGTH : 13.47M
    NO.2 TK BREADTH : 15.20M (F) / 15.20M(A) * LENGTH : 40.04M
    NO.3 TK BREADTH : 15.20M (F) / 15.20M(A) * LENGTH : 26.45M
    F.O : 591.24TONS - 10TKS (6 STORAGE TK)
    D.O : 119.4TONS - 3 TKS (1 STORAGE TK)
    F.W : 167.7TONS - 2 TKS
    B.W : 3086.3TONS - 2 7TKS

PRICE : USD 1.8 million



Bank Guarantee | Transfer and Discounting

Funding, BG discounting, SBLC, loan againt bank guarnatee, BG,

Bank Guarantee Transferring and getting funds.

Bank Guarantees are itself a payment security which is backed by a certain bank. Most of the time people can be seen buying and selling bank guarantees online. Do you think its possible or its a true business to trade in Bank Guarantees ?

As informed, bank guarantees cant be sold or purchased, its a payment instrument issued for a particular business and backed by purchase order or contract.

Most of the agents seems promising certain clients that they can get bank guarantees to enhance their limits for a certain time period. But never seen any client who either has accepted that they got such commitments fulfilled by any agent.

Comments are invited for more clarification.

BOE and Promissory Note

Bill Of Exchange and Promissory Notes
Complete details available with comparison factors. Read for more details and all information mentioned below.


English: Bank and Royal Exchange c1974. View o...
Bank and Royal Exchange c1974. View of Royal Exchange about 1974. Note NatWest Tower under construction in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A bill  of exchange differs from a promissory note on the following points:
PromissoryNoteBill of Exchange
  • It is promise to pay
  • It is an order to pay
  • There are only two parties the drawer, and the payee.
  • There are three parties, the drawer, the drawee, and the payee.
  • There is no necessity of acceptance
  • It must be accepted
  • The maker is primarily liable
  • The drawer is not primarily liable.
  • It is never drawn in sets
  • Foreign bills are specially drawn in sets.
  • Protesting is not necessary after dishonour
  • A foreignbill must be protested upon dishonor.

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